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Trademark Registration

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To incorporate a private limited company a minimum of two persons are required over the age of 18 years with atleast one person being an Indian citizen and resident.


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Trademark Registration

A trademark is business mark and it may be a visual symbol, which can be a word, name, device, label or numeral employed by a business to differentiate its goods or services from other similar products or services originating from a special business. A trademark may be a protectable asset under Indian laws and regulations. to guard a trademark from being copied by others business or individual, the inventor of the word or symbol must apply for trademark registration with the Office of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks. the method for trademark registration has various steps, and it's essential to rent an Expert for trademark filing to maximize chances of registration. has helped file over Twenty thousand trademark applications in India and has obtained registration for various leading brands. We also offer a comprehensive suite of services for Company and Trademark registration and protection in India like trademark objection reply, trademark opposition, trademark renewal and patent registration. Get a free consultation for trademark registration by scheduling a meeting with an Trademark Expert

Eligibility and requirements

A trademark application can be done by private Limited Company, individuals, Public companies, LLP’s, or NGO’s, Partnership Firm. In the case of NGOs, LLP’s or companies, the trademark has to be applied for registration in the name of the organization. There’s no requirement for the mark to be used before applying. Hence, a trademark application are often filed under the category of "Mark proposed to be used" if the inventor of the word or mark wants to guard it before advertising the brand.

There is also no requirement for the trademark applicant to be an Indian Resident or Indian business or Business Registered in India. Hence, any foreign national or foreign entity curious about securing a trademark registration in India can file a trademark application with none other requirements.

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Why is Trademark Registration important in India?

A Great Business Opportunity: A product or service being sold under a registered trademark helps in build up trust, reliability, quality, and goodwill within the minds of consumers . It offers you a singular identity in comparison to other sellers especially once you sell it on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

A Legal Protection: In case you doubt that your trademark is being copied by anyone else, you'll take up the difficulty legally and sue them if you've got registered your logo, name or slogan.

Get Your Unique Identity: Customers will identify a specific product or service only with the brand. Registering a trademark ensures that competitors won't use it and hence it remains as a company’s unique asset.

An Asset: The trademark are often a valuable asset just in case your brand creates a reputation and succeeds. It are often commercially contracted, sold and franchised.

Global Filing Of Trademark: A trademark which is registered and filed in India also can be filed in other countries outside India. Likewise, foreigners also can get a trademark registered in India. How we help with Trademark Registration? an in depth Trademark application filing process Trademark Search We help in your trademark search by making search report using trademark(™) directory. We also conduct an in depth check on the trademark logo and name that you simply had selected to make sure that it's not yet registered under anybody else’s name. The trademark are often registered once it's found to be unique. just in case your logo or name is already registered by somebody else , we assist you find ways to switch it in order that your registration doesn't get cancelled.

Class Selection: While applying for registration, you would like to use it under the proper classification of classes. We assist you choose the proper class under which you would like to register. The trademark offers you the proper to sell under a specific name within a particular sector within the economy. In total, there are about 45 sectors and every sector is known as as a category . Product and services are classified into 45 different classes by the Trademark Registry. Every logo or name has got to be registered under the acceptable class. for instance , the category 28 includes products and services associated with games, sports and toys. Hence, if you're getting to launch a replacement toy brand, you'll need to apply under the category 28.

Preparing the appliance:After we make sure that your name or logo is exclusive and may be registered, we proceed with the appliance by preparing the authorization letter first. this provides us the proper to form the trademark registration on your behalf. you'll sign the letter and return it back to us. We further assist you fill out the shape and keep updating you about the proceedings until the registration process is complete.

Documents needed for Trademark Registration

A power of attorney as authorization letter that's duly signed by you allows us to file for trademark registration on behalf of you. After receiving the authorization letter, we start with the preparation of your documents, file the appliance online and also buy it. Soon, you receive the confirmation of the appliance , and you'll get the proper to use the ™ symbol.

While filing for the trademark registration, the documents you would like to supply are as follows:
  • 1. Applicant’s name
  • 2. Business type
  • 3. Business objectives
  • 4. Brand/logo/slogan name
  • 5. Registration address
  • 6. Identity And Business Proofs

The trademark owner or the one that is permitted by the trademark owner must submit their identity proof. It are often your Aadhar card, driver's license , passport, card or voter’s id.

Using Logo With Tagline

If a trademark application is formed for a tagline with only words there's no need of a logo. In cases where a logo is employed , then it should be submitted in black and white format. the amount of words within the logo should exactly be an equivalent as mentioned within the application for a trademark.

Form 48

On behalf of you, an attorney is permitted to file for the trademark application with the Trademark registrar. The trademark user affidavit should be submitted just in case a claim for the previous trademark was made within the application.

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A trademark is business mark and it may be a visual symbol, which can be a word, name, device, label or numeral employed by a business to differentiate its goods or services from other similar products or services originating from a special business.

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Important things realize the web Trademark Registration Process

Nowadays, with the arrival of technological advancements, a trademark registration are often easily made online. you'll get the assistance of a registered Trademark attorney to file online without taking an attempt to go to the registry office.

The Vienna Codification Process

In the trademark process, Vienna codification may be a crucial step. it's a world classification which is given once you fill the appliance form. At now , your application for registration are going to be denoted as - “Sent for Vienna codification.”

The Examination Of Trademark

After the trademark application is given for Vienna classification, the trademark are going to be examined by the Trademark officer in accordance with certain guidelines and procedures. The officer might accept or reject the appliance as per his/her discretion.

Hearing Before Trademark Register/Officer If the trademark application is rejected, the applicant can choose a for a hearing. If the officer are often convinced with the provided documents then the appliance are going to be passed. If the officer isn't convinced, once more the appliance gets rejected. If he's not fully convinced about the rationale for rejection, then the Intellectual Property Appellate Board are often contacted.

Trademark symbols and their usages R Symbol You get the R symbol as soon as you receive trademark registration certificate. This symbol helps protect the registered trademark from getting copied by others.

™ Symbol This symbol is for unregistered trademarks. It warns others business or individual from copying your logo, name or symbol. It doesn't offer you copyright protection, et al. can use your logo or name just in case your application gets rejected.

C Symbol The C symbol stands for contents which don't have any copyright issues. The symbol is mandatory in many countries for copyright claims.

SM Symbol: The industry uses this symbol. The symbol is applicable for classes fall from 35 to 45. It’s also not guaranteed protection against copyright issues.

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